Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As a primary kid, I could NOT concentrate on the scripture stories.  I'm sorry.  They just couldn't keep my attention.  I think I'm a visual person, I need solid matter to feel or look at to help me learn.  Words were just words, and scripture stories seemed like just that, STORIES.  I could never get into them enough to feel like they were actual events that took place.  They were more like cartoon characters in my head rather than real, genuine people who actually walked the Earth.  

So, I came up with a trick.... and it works.  I study the scriptures in a different way now and I get more out of them and my testimony grows stronger now that I can feel it actually happening and taking place instead of just a fairytale being told.

I take people I know are real and change them to characters in the scriptures.  Yes... This is what I do.  So, when I'm reading about Alma the Younger persecuting the church with his friends, I picture someone I know.  Who was the guy in middle school/high school with a lot of followers?  The "too school for cool" kid who really cared about his image and what other people thought of him?  That's who I think of while I'm reading.  I can relate to the situation, like I was there when it happened.  My imagination is opened and the scriptures become real.

And YEAH... when I read about Nephi, maybe I picture him as Jacob from Twilight.  Don't knock it before you try it!  I dare you NOT to think of Nephi this way from now on!  Too much?  Too far?  Maybe...


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