Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why is the First Vision Important?

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 Listening to uplifting music while reading scriptures always helps me feel the spirit.  I remember when my brother and I listened to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack while taking turns reading about Moses and the Israelites in the bible.  Ha.  We were special... But it totally set the mood.

I was very blessed to grow up in a musical home.  My mom is a composer and wrote this song Grove of Light inspired by the first vision.  Please check out her blog where she posts all her music and compositions:

I'm thinking of maybe playing this song in the background while we read Joseph Smith's first vision (hopefully the weather's nice and we can be outside to help it feel more realistic). I also made the girls these bookmarks with the assigned reading on the front.  I printed the "Reflection" page out and glued it to the back so they could flip it over and fill it out if they finish reading before the music ends.

For PDF version click here (front)
and here (back).

Also, the Restoration video is a great way to kill time.  I think the Joseph Smith actor is so cute!  I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind watching it.

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