Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Time

I found this on Dash it All and couldn't resist posting some of my favorites.  Some of these made me LOL.  (Ever notice how people use LoL in situations where one wouldn't actually laugh out loud?  ... These are for real)


When a speaker doesn't feel the need to tell you every emotion they went through when the bishop called them to speak and just gets right into their talk:

When you walk into a different ward and everyone thinks you're an investigator:

When your visiting teaching companion finally finds out who you are:

Primary Activity Day:

When they send around the sign up sheet for the cannery:

When someone corrects your pronunciation of a biblical name in Sunday School:

When someone knocks on your door when you're chillin' in your G's:

When your bishop calls you to be a sunbeam teacher:

When someone starts in on their third pioneer story in their testimony:

Sitting back in the congregation after you nailed a musical number:


When they announced they were lowering the mission age in conference:

When your bishop finally finds out you can play the piano:

When you see your returning missionary walk out of the terminal:

When your friend comes back down from bearing their testimony:

When someone wont take their crying kid out of sacrament meeting:

When you try and act like you heard the question in Sunday School:

When the deacons wake your from your Sunday nap to collect fast offerings:

When you're trying to get your toddler out of Sacrament Meeting before the full-on screaming starts:

When an old person tries to make me feel bad for bringing my iPad to church:

At the stake dances:


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