Saturday, August 24, 2013

MaKeOvErS & pHoTo ShOoTs

For our Wednesday night activity the girls got together for some makeovers!  They looked so great!

Afterwards we went outside and snapped some fun pix.  Love these girls!  Love how each week they are opening up more and more and getting closer and closer.  It was so much fun!!!

DEEP BEAUTY:  The kind of beauty that shines from the inside out.

Deep beauty springs from virtue.  It is spiritual attractiveness.  

Look into the mirror of eternity.  Remember who you are.  See yourself as our Heavenly Father sees you.

You were born to be a queen.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How Can I Prepare Now To Become A Righteous Wife And Mother?

Get this week's lesson here.

This week I made a worksheet for the YW to fill out to help them mark off some Personal Progress.

A couple weeks ago for mutual the girls made time capsules and in it was a list of qualities they wanted in their future spouse.  It's great to look for a husband with a long list of great qualities, but I want the girls to recognize that they need to use this time to improve themselves and work on the same qualities so they can prepare to be that perfect girl that he is dreaming about.  Who knows.  Maybe somewhere across the country, their future spouse will be sitting listening to the exact same Sunday lesson and making a list of all the great qualities he's hoping for in a future companion.


"Your success in marriage will depend largely on your ability to focus on improving yourself, rather than trying to reshape your spouse.  It will depend more on being the right one than finding the right one."
-Elder Lynn G. Robbins {Finding Your Sweetheart}

SIDE NOTE: My YW leaders growing up used to always tell us, "Every time you volunteer to say the prayer, your future husband gets a little hotter."

I'm gonna break some BIG NEWS to the girls this week... It's up there with Santa Clause and "the birds and the bees" talk.

Disney gives us completely unrealistic expectations about love.  You wont just find the perfect guy, ride off into the sunset, and live happily ever after.  It's gonna take some work.

What happens when you see your crush walking down the hallway at school?  Does your heart flutter, or do you feel butterflies in your stomach, or think about him all the time?  When you fall in love, you get all these physical chemicals going through you.  Being in the presence of the person you're attracted to triggers the release of dopamine and you associating that rush of adrenaline with the person you love  (which is why you feel like you're in a magical fairy tale).  I think Heavenly Father wants us to feel that way in the beginning!

But, a couple years after you're married, that dopamine high begins to trickle back down to normal and we see this person we fell in love with more realistically.  We realize they're human beings and have flaws just like us, and we discover that the things about them we used to think were adorable can actually be kind of hard to live with.

But this is a good thing.  When you get married and ESPECIALLY when you have kids, you get to live in a way that allows you to practice being more like the Savior and develop Christ-like attributes.

The best marriage advice I ever received was this...

I found lots of cute and free downloads of the Family Proclamation here.

Then I want to close sharing this video

I wish I was more aware of the sacrifices my mom made for me when I was growing up.  I think I'll give the girls a few extra minutes as the end of class to write their mothers a Thank You note and show them how much they appreciate all that they do.

I am so grateful for the great example my mom was to me of how to be a righteous wife and mother.  If I turn out to be even a fraction of the person she is someday, I'll know I'm doing something right.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Why Is Temple Marriage Important?

Get this week's lesson here.

Ah, yes.  Hello best day of my life!  August 2nd, 2008:  The day we were married and sealed in the temple.  This lesson makes me so happy.  Of all the things we're taught we're supposed to do in the gospel, this one seems to be the top-dog, number one no-brainer to me.  I love my husband SO MUCH!    Of course I want to spend ETERNITY with him!  It is so comforting knowing that if anything ever happens to either of us, we never truly have to say goodbye.  We can always be together.  I can't imagine living without that comfort and knowledge.  I am so grateful for temples and family sealings!

For our fifth anniversary I made Mitchell a home movie collage of our marriage.  I might have to tame it down a little more if I want to show it at church, but here's our anniversary video...

I love Elder Nelson's Celestial Marriage talk where he describes "the patterns of a shopper."

Wise shoppers study their options thoroughly before they make a selection. They focus primarily on the quality and durability of a desired product. They want the very best. In contrast, some shoppers look for bargains, and others may splurge, only to learn later—much to their dismay—that their choice did not endure well.  A couple in love can choose a marriage of the highest quality or a lesser type that will not endure..”

"One good yardstick as to whether a person might be the right one for you is this: In (their) presence, do you think your noblest thoughts, do you aspire to your finest deeds, do you wish you were better than you are?"
-Ezra Taft Benson

I found this cutie idea on sugardoodle where you buy a bunch of candy bars and have each girl choose one.  Each bar represents a different personally/character trait and it makes a fun game where the girls can "choose an eternal companion."

For example:

Oh Henry!--He's nice, honest, but forgetful. He prefers to watch TV rather than have Family Home Evening. He's not very committed to the Church. If he stays up late on Saturday, he doesn't mind missing Church, but he will go at least half of the time and take the kids to activities and chaperone dances. He married you in the temple, but you haven't been there together in several years.

MARS Bar--He's a rocket scientist, really. He loves physics and math. He's also kind of a nut. He's got a quirky sense of humor that not everyone understands, but you like it. He likes camping with the Cub Scouts and loves to design Pinewood Derby cars. He also teaches Gospel Doctrine and seems to know everything about Church History. He has to work late on Friday nights sometimes, but he always makes it up to you. You married in the temple and attend about every other month.

Mamba--this guy was on the BYU ballroom dance team and is a terrific dancer. You go dancing every week. He likes having group parties at your house. He is spontaneous and fun. Sometimes he surprises you by bringing home people for dinner without giving much warning, if any. He is a great father and takes his kids on outings with Dad once a month or so. He isn't that great at paying bills, going grocery shopping, or balancing the checkbook, so you learned to do that. He has a sincere testimony of the Gospel and you got married in the temple.

Lifesavers--This man is a lifeguard. He has a great body, a great tan, a great smile, and a helpful personality. He also is a wonderful home teacher and missionary. He has shared the Gospel with many of his friends. So far, 30 have joined the Church. He has a very strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and it is visible in everything he does. You met him when you were out dancing with your friends. He saw that you weren't having much fun dancing with the man who kept asking you to dance, and realized you were too nice to tell him no. So he stepped in and asked you for the next slow song. You had a lot in common and felt totally comfortable with each other, in an exciting sort of way. When you returned to your friends, you were almost out of breath and deliriously happy. You exchanged phone numbers, dated for 8 months, met each other's families and got engaged. Of course, you got married in your favorite temple. Four children later, you are still madly in love and very happy.

Or, instead of candy bars, you can go through Book of Mormon characters.  This idea came again from sugardoodle, and pictures came from Book of Mormon Battles.


Loves country, loves family, loves God, keeps covenants, good with children, manages a household well, modest, studies word of God, prays with faith, intelligent, serves in callings, trustworthy, and keeps commitments.

Loves to read scriptures, values record keeping, honors parents, educated, hard-working, doesn't complain during hardships, has faith, obeys commandments, sober-minded, in shape, thankful, loves family, not worldly, loves children, and loves the temple.


Faith in God, loves children even when they go astray, endures to the end, fasts and prays, wise, and intelligent.


Missionary spirit, faithful in all things, humble, tends flocks and herds, and can grow food.

Handout from Emma's Place

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Is Family Important?

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You know how people do this with their family pictures?  Wouldn't it be sweet to email all the YW's parents and have them send a family picture and have something like this prepared as a custom handout for each of the girls on Sunday?  Totally want to do it!  I found a tutorial on pinterest that explains how here.  Except I don't use Adobe... but someone else might find it helpful.

And this idea is so cute... I found it on Inkablinka.

The girls can discuss how to SUPPORT their family members and take turns writing on JENGA blocks ways to help build up their family.  They can open the For the Strength of Youth books to the page on family to get some ideas, then build a JENGA tower.

Why Is Chastity Important?

Get this week's lesson here.

Remember the old YW lesson about resisting sin?  Satan uses many lures and snares to try and catch us.  Why is it important for us to recognize his tactics and be wary of his influences?

It's important to know your enemy.  In the Book of Mormon, when the Lamanites would fight Captain Moroni, they would run out with no shirts on and see Moroni's men covered in armor and realize... "Oh wait, didn't think about that.  Probably should have seen that coming."  And then they lose their battles because they didn't realize what they were up against.

Satan uses many disguises to get us to commit sin.  He takes baby steps to tempt us.

A camel and his owner were traveling across the desert sand dunes when a wind storm came up.  The traveler quickly set up his tent and moved in, closing the flaps to protect himself from the cutting, grinding sands of the raging storm.  The camel was of course left outside, and as the violent wind hurled the sand against his body and into his eyes and nostrils he found it unbearable and finally begged for entrance into the tent. 
"There is room only for myself," said the traveler.
"But may I just get my nose in so I can breathe air not filled with sand?" asked the camel.
"Well, perhaps you could do that," replied the traveler, and he opened the flap ever so little and the long nose of the camel entered.  How comfortable the camel was now.  But soon the camel became weary of the smarting sand on his eyes and ears, and he was tempted to ask again:
"The wind-driven sand is like a rasp on my head.  Could I put just my head in?"
"Again, the traveler rationalized that to acquiesce would do him no damage, for the camel's head could occupy the space at the top of the tent which he himself was not using.  So the camel put his head inside and the beast was satisfied again--but for a short while only.
"Just the front quarters," he begged, and again the traveler relented and soon the camel's front shoulders and legs were in the tent.  Finally, by the same process of pleading and of yielding, the camel's torso, his hind quarters and all were in the tent.  But now it was too crowded for the two, and the camel kicked the traveler out into the wind and storm."

I remember as a YW one of my leaders giving a great lesson on chastity where she bought one of those cute mini cakes from the bakery.  It looked so perfect and beautiful with it's ruffly white frosting decorated like a perfect masterpiece.  She mentioned how we were like the cakes.  How we are daughters of God and how precious we are.  She went on to talk about what happens to us when we slowly lower our standards and she started pouring all these nasty ingredients on the cake, like syrup, and ketchup, and pepper, etc.  It was something that always stuck with me.  I remember feeling so sad as I watched something so beautiful and pure go to waste.

If you choose to do this object lesson, I think it's SO IMPORTANT that you accompany it with teachings of repentance and the atonement.  You don't want any of the youth feeling like it's too late if they have already made mistakes or are struggling with chastity.  We can all be made perfect through Christ.  He loves us and will heal us if we repent and turn to him.

How Can I Strengthen My Family

Get this week's lesson here.

First of all, my husband is teaching the boys on Sunday this same topic.  So for any YM teachers out there, I made this worksheet to go along with the Duty To God project assigned to this lesson.  You can download it here.

For their weekly challenge, I want to encourage the girls to do some sort of act of service everyday this week to help their family.  They can do a chore without asking, spend quality time with a family member, help mom with dinner, or whatever creative ideas they can think of.

I'll send them a reminder text or Facebook message everyday to make sure they don't forget.
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