Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Is Chastity Important?

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Remember the old YW lesson about resisting sin?  Satan uses many lures and snares to try and catch us.  Why is it important for us to recognize his tactics and be wary of his influences?

It's important to know your enemy.  In the Book of Mormon, when the Lamanites would fight Captain Moroni, they would run out with no shirts on and see Moroni's men covered in armor and realize... "Oh wait, didn't think about that.  Probably should have seen that coming."  And then they lose their battles because they didn't realize what they were up against.

Satan uses many disguises to get us to commit sin.  He takes baby steps to tempt us.

A camel and his owner were traveling across the desert sand dunes when a wind storm came up.  The traveler quickly set up his tent and moved in, closing the flaps to protect himself from the cutting, grinding sands of the raging storm.  The camel was of course left outside, and as the violent wind hurled the sand against his body and into his eyes and nostrils he found it unbearable and finally begged for entrance into the tent. 
"There is room only for myself," said the traveler.
"But may I just get my nose in so I can breathe air not filled with sand?" asked the camel.
"Well, perhaps you could do that," replied the traveler, and he opened the flap ever so little and the long nose of the camel entered.  How comfortable the camel was now.  But soon the camel became weary of the smarting sand on his eyes and ears, and he was tempted to ask again:
"The wind-driven sand is like a rasp on my head.  Could I put just my head in?"
"Again, the traveler rationalized that to acquiesce would do him no damage, for the camel's head could occupy the space at the top of the tent which he himself was not using.  So the camel put his head inside and the beast was satisfied again--but for a short while only.
"Just the front quarters," he begged, and again the traveler relented and soon the camel's front shoulders and legs were in the tent.  Finally, by the same process of pleading and of yielding, the camel's torso, his hind quarters and all were in the tent.  But now it was too crowded for the two, and the camel kicked the traveler out into the wind and storm."

I remember as a YW one of my leaders giving a great lesson on chastity where she bought one of those cute mini cakes from the bakery.  It looked so perfect and beautiful with it's ruffly white frosting decorated like a perfect masterpiece.  She mentioned how we were like the cakes.  How we are daughters of God and how precious we are.  She went on to talk about what happens to us when we slowly lower our standards and she started pouring all these nasty ingredients on the cake, like syrup, and ketchup, and pepper, etc.  It was something that always stuck with me.  I remember feeling so sad as I watched something so beautiful and pure go to waste.

If you choose to do this object lesson, I think it's SO IMPORTANT that you accompany it with teachings of repentance and the atonement.  You don't want any of the youth feeling like it's too late if they have already made mistakes or are struggling with chastity.  We can all be made perfect through Christ.  He loves us and will heal us if we repent and turn to him.

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