Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Tree

I got this idea from The Family Home Evening Spot to make an EASTER TREE!  We all love Christmas trees, WHY NOT have a tree for Easter too?!?  I bet it would make a fun table decoration or visual aid for an Easter lesson.

There's a huge willow tree in our backyard with these beautiful branches.  I picked out a couple and spray painted it with two or three white coats.  Then I tied them together in a clump with some Easter grass and covered it up in the vase with more grass and a couple plastic eggs.  

I found some of my favorite pictures of Christ and Easter quotes and cropped them down to little  Instagram-like prints, then just slapped them together with some glue and ribbon.

Here are my ornament squares I made.  I used a bunch of images from the LDS gospel library, and I just googled the rest...


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