Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Hutchings is HOME!!

The brother has finally come home.

I felt bad because my sister-in-law was ready to have a baby any day, so my older brother's family wasn't able to be there.  So, we had to make the airport as creative as possible to make up for the lack of family.  Luckily, Kenny was welcomed home and greeted by Floof, the sheep.

Wasn't planning on crying, but I couldn't help it.  I was so happy to see my sweet little bro.

Also, fantastic news is that he hasn't changed a bit.  Still the biggest goober I know. (Like, LITERALLY...  He's six and a half feet tall)

And thanks to pinterest, I discovered that, YES, it IS possible to make fancy-pantsy fondant from home.  Behold.... missionary cupcakes.

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    The cupcakes were a total hit!! Thank you so much. So glad he's back.


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