Sunday, March 9, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Have I mentioned yet how much I love holiday decorations?  In most cases, decorating the apartment is probably more fun for me than the actual holiday itself.  As we dusted off the storage boxes in the back of our deep, dark, cave closet of MORIA, I was disappointed to find very few St. Patrick's Day items.  

I decided I wanted to hang some sort of banner in the living room for an extra splash of green and couldn't find anything on Pinterest that popped out at me.  

It's far from fancy-pantsy... In fact, it's held together with yarn and scotch tape because I'm legit like that, but it get's the job done.

So, for anyone that needs a little extra GREEN to liven up their St. Patty's festivities, please feel free to download.

P.S. I think the other reason I'm obsessed with holidays is for the ability to freely eat as much candy as I want in the name of celebration!  I'm pretty sure I've eaten an ENTIRE bag of skittles in 24 hours.  

And I'm talking about the big party bags... not the tiny servings you buy next to the cash register.

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