Sunday, June 8, 2014

Priesthood Jeopardy

Here's the evidence of my amazing cousin being amazing again!  I asked if I could share her cute project on here that she made for her girls...

She covered each answer with the point-value attached to a magnet so it could easily stick to the chalkboard without messing up the poster.  

We usually combine with the young men for our fifth Sunday and have the bishop teach.  I was thinking this would be a perfect activity to review what everyone learned this month!

Thank you Katrina!


  1. Do you have all these questions somewhere in a file?

    1. Hi Jenny! Unfortunately, I don't have the questions in a file. My cousin came up with the questions and answers for her lesson and sent me pictures of what it looked like. The nice thing is you can customize the questions any way that you would like. Best of luck!


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