Monday, April 10, 2017

Singing Time Shenanigans

Time to share my favorite singing time activities so far this year...

Here's what we did when we learned As a Child of God.

Each background color behind the lyrics represented a dress-up item I had to wear as they sang.  When they picked black we would take away all the black words and I threw on my black scuba goggles.  When the "blue words" were chosen, I grabbed my blue scarf, etc, etc.

Another Sunday the kids all attended Spy School.  I set up red streamers criss-crossed around the room so everyone would have to crawl through the "laser beams" and get their top secret missions.  Each envelope had a song to sing and an activity.  The activities were little things like being assigned spy names with name tags.  

My absolute favorite part was wearing the mustache.  I asked my pianist to play pink panther as I explained the missions and made a fool of myself.  Name another calling in the church where you get to wear a fake mustache!  That's right, friends.  Best. Calling. Ever.

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