Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paint A Bright Spot On Your Soul

For my Mother-in-law's Relief Society lesson this month she asked if I could help design the handouts.  I wish I could do this all day.  I had so much fun making these.  Here was the quote she chose to use.

During President Monson's memorial service his daughter spoke of the love he showed to everyone around him:

We do not need to be the President of the Church to notice another’s need and “paint a bright spot on our souls.” My dad acted upon his frequent feeling, “That would be a kind thing to do,” only to find it was the answer to another’s prayer. By following the promptings of the Spirit, our simple acts of service can also be answers to prayers, and we can carry on this legacy by serving others.

Feel free to steal this handout HERE.

My Scripture Coach

For anyone working on forming good habits or goal resolutions, I have made an incredible discovery.  Reward your CHILDREN for your actions!!  They turn into amazing motivational coaches!  Little T gets iPad time whenever I do my scriptures and he promptly wakes me up each morning to read now.  This is the best scripture system I've ever had!!! 

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