Sunday, December 30, 2018

CFM: Be It unto Me according to Thy Word

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones
Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: When Someone Cares

With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible
Going through pictures from the Gospel Art Book, we can search for all the scripture story examples where God made things happen that should have been impossible.

A virgin could not conceive.  Nor could a barren woman who was well past child-bearing years.  But God had a plan for the birth of His Son and of John the Baptist, so both Mary and Elisabeth, against all earthly odds, became mothers.

God's Blessings Come in His Own Time
This lesson really hits home for me because of how we struggled with infertility for years before having our first child.  It'll be a great personal story to remind our son how special he is and how we had to trust in God's timing instead of how we felt the timetable should have played out.

As an object lesson we'll get a new jigsaw puzzle the kids have never seen before.  Without letting them see the cover art, they'll get one or two puzzle pieces handed to them at a time and will slowly get to put it all together.  Sometimes we may feel frustrated not knowing what the ending will be like, but through patience we work with the pieces we've been given and slowly watch our life "pictures" form around us.

Knowing Our Family History Blesses Our Lives
After reading about the lineage of Jesus we can talk about our family history and share stories of our ancestors.  Back in October our family started our own Dia de los Muertos family history tradition that could fit in perfectly for a lesson like this.

Closing Song: God Moves in a Mysterious Way

Sunday, December 23, 2018

CFM: We Are Responsible for Our Own Learning

  Come Follow Me--For individuals and Families
Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

The Books in the New Testament
For our opening hymn we wanted to review what we'll be learning over the course of the year.  I had all the book names mixed and shuffled around on the floor so we could work together to organize the New Testament in order.  I would sing through the song a couple of times because if I learned anything in primary, it's that repetition is magic.

The hymn from the primary songbook can be found HERE.
Download names/lyrics printable PDF HERE.

You're Invited... 

Print and fold a "party invitation" enveloped to the family.  It is an invitation from Jesus to "Come follow me."  It can be a great opportunity to share the scripture story from Matthew 19 of the rich young man who asked Christ what he needed to do to have eternal life.  Explain how we are ALL invited to follow the Savior's example.

Download Come Follow Me Invitation PDF HERE.

What do you feel inspired to do to be more active in learning the gospel?
On New Year's Eve one of our family traditions has been to take pictures with our personal resolutions.  We decided to twist it a bit to fit into our Sunday lesson.  Each family member took the opportunity to reflect and decide what they wanted to work on to grow spiritually or to be more Christlike in 2019.

Download 2019 Resolution PDF HERE.

Parable of the Sower
This idea comes straight from the Come Follow Me manual:
One great way to help your family prepare to learn from the New Testament this year is to review the parable of the sower. Your family might enjoy looking at different kinds of ground near your home to visualize the types of ground described in the parable. What can we do to cultivate “good ground” in our home? (Matthew 13:8).
  My toddler loOoOoOoVes the dirt, so I think we were finally speaking his language.  After looking around the yard at the different ground types, it was a great opportunity to plant a family seed for in the home.  Together we promised to love and nurture it, and watch it grow into a family flower.

"Simon Says" Hearts
What kid doesn't love a good game of Simon Says?  After we played, we referred back to how Christ invited us to follow His example.  We reviewed all the wonderful things Jesus did when He was on the Earth and discussed how we can follow His righteous choices in the same way.

Download Hearts PDF HERE.  Each heart mentions something Christ did during his life that we can follow.  I also left some blank hearts for personal ideas.

Obviously, Come Follow Me had to be the closing hymn, right?

Last one!  Can you tell I'm SUPER excited for this new curriculum?  I made a blank program for each week if anyone out there is like me and loves writing things down to keep my thoughts organized.  

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Happy churching!  What a fun, inspired adventure we all get to adjust to.  I'm excited to work through the bugs and see what works and what doesn't as we strive more to teach the gospel within the wall of our home.

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