Sunday, January 27, 2019

CFM: The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: I Am a Child of God

When Satan tempted Christ to turn a stone to bread, he challenged Christ’s divine identity by saying, “If thou be the Son of God” (Matthew 4:3, italics added). Why does Satan try to make us doubt our divine identities? How does he try to do this? (See also Moses 1:10–23.)

A fun "about me" poster project can help family members reflect on who they are and how they are each unique individual daughters and sons of God.

To prepare for His mission, Jesus went into the wilderness "to be with God".

Our family is BIG-BIGGY-BIG nature enthusiasts.  It's kind of a prerequisite of living in the PNW.  Depending on weather, we may just go out on a nature walk for our activity. 

If the weather is crummy I plan on having this scene playing in the background during our lesson:

It seems to always be in nature where people go for the most spiritual experiences: Christ when He fasted, Nephi, Enos, the brother of Jared, Moses, Joseph Smith.

Have you ever heard of "Earthing"?  Try and touch a piece of nature everyday.  Take your shoes off and lie in the grass.  Being more in touch with mother earth is a wonderful way to draw closer to your Heavenly Father.

When have you felt the Savior calling you to follow Him? How can you show the Lord that you are willing to “[forsake] all” (Luke 5:11) to follow Him?

I once gave a lesson for the Young Women where we discussed the Anti-Nephi-Lehites who covenanted with the Lord and buried their weapons in the earth.  I made them their own swords that they could make a personal promise with God and "bury" their sword.  I love the symbolism of letting go and giving yourself to Christ.

Closing Song: I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me

Sunday, January 20, 2019

CFM: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: When I am Baptized

I love camping.  You know what my favorite part of camping is?  Being done camping and taking a shower.  But seriously... I love getting dirty with greasy hair and dirt under my fingernails.  Usually by the last day of the trip I catch myself daydreaming about my long awaited shower.  I think about the warm water and the yummy bottles of shampoo and conditioner waiting for me to come home.  Holy smokes, there's no better feeling in the world.

It's a similar feeling when we experience true repentance, when we are baptized, and when we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  

It seems only appropriate to roast s'mores during our lesson to really comprehend the subject, riiiiiiight?

This is a perfect opportunity for teaching our toddler what it means when we say we are sorry in our home.  It can help him better understand that we don't turn around and make the same bad choice again right away.  When we have a true change in our hearts, then is when we are truly sorry.

If something as permanent as a mountain can be flattened, then surely the Lord can help us straighten our own crooked paths (see Luke 3:4-5).

This boy LoOoOoOoVes play dough.  Here's a great opportunity to practice one's mountain flattening skills.  Which is a really important talent I guess?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

CFM: We Have Found the Messiah

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Ah, yes.  Pictionary is a perfect go-to lesson time filler activity.  But have you ever experienced FLASHLIGHT Pictionary?  

Step one: Wait until it's dark
Step two: Grab your camera and change the settings for long exposure (make the shutter stay open for 10 seconds or so)
Step three: Take turns with a flashlight painting a picture while the camera records you

I went through the scripture reading and found easy Pictionary words throughout the chapter that each team can guess.

Download Flashlight Pictionary Cards HERE.


Pops got me a super cool moon lamp for Christmas.  We turned off the lights and let Trekker hold the glowing orb.  I tried to explain that the Savior is like the sun and we are like the moon.  Christ is the light and we can reflect His light and share it with others.  I think he was too distracted staring at the lamp to hear what I was saying, but I thought the metaphor was dope.

We then went around and listed different ways that each of us could share our light with others.

Closing Song: This is My Beloved Son

Sunday, January 6, 2019

CFM: We Have Come to Worship Him

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: The Nativity Song

Baby Jesus
Hopefully you haven't packed away all your Christmas decorations just yet.  This lesson is a great opportunity to pull out the nativity scene while telling the story of Baby Jesus.

Speaking of babies... Little T is at the perfect age where he's trying to grasp that Mom and Dad were once little kids too.  All the family baby pictures are coming out.  I'm hoping it'll help him understand that Jesus was once a little baby too.

Little T
Little Sis
Jesus in His youth
Luke 2:52 is one of my most favorite scriptures in the New Testament.
I did an entire Young Women's lesson on it years ago.  Find that lesson post HERE.

Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.  We can discuss how when Christ was on the Earth he did regular things that all little kids do too.  He read books, he ran and played, he said his prayers, he read his scriptures, and had lots of friends.

I created a self-improvement worksheet where family members can evaluate how balanced out their life categories are.  Am I increasing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man?

Download PDF worksheet HERE.

Parents can receive revelation to protect their families
When we learn of what Joseph did to keep his family safe it could segue into a great discussion about the safety rules we have in our family.  When I was a kid, I remember my family had a "safety tree" across the street from our house where we all would meet if the house was on fire.  Strangers, emergencies, all the danger talks...

Father's Business Jar
Straight from the manual: 
Consider writing down some ways your family can participate in the Father’s business and placing them in a jar. During the coming week, when your family is looking for ways to do Heavenly Father’s work, they can select ideas from the jar. Plan a time when you will share your experiences.

Click HERE for a free printout of "My Father's Business Jar".  It includes a jar label, cut-outs with family activities, and blank cut-outs to fill in your own.  

Closing Song: Joy to the World 

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