Sunday, February 3, 2019

CFM: Ye Must Be Born Again

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: To Think about Jesus

Heavenly Father shows His love for me through Jesus Christ.
The sacrament provides a time to reflect on the love of God and the gift of His Son.  What hymns help you feel this love?  What could you do to make the sacrament more meaningful?

On Sundays I like to leave the songbook open on my lap after we sing the sacrament hymn.  While the sacrament is being passed I reread the lyrics to help feel the spirit and focus on the Savior.  For the lesson each family member can pick their favorite sacrament hymn to sing.  You can never have too much singing.  

Christ offers me His living water.
As we talked about the woman at the well, we had our son pour everyone a cup of water.  
Oh. Snap.

Nothing makes me more nervous than a toddler pouring a pitcher.  😂 Don't worry, he only ended up spilling half the container.

John 2-4
As your family reads these chapters this week, pay special attention to how the Savior used everyday things--birth, wind, water, and food--to teach spiritual truths.  What items in your home can you use to teach spiritual truths?

I made a printable card game HERE of different objects in the home.  The family can take turns picking a card and trying to come up with a "spiritual truth" parable.

Closing Song: I Stand All Amazed

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