Sunday, March 10, 2019

CFM: These Twelve Jesus Sent Forth

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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My yoke is easy and my burden is light
Mosiah is my favorite book in the Book of Mormon.  I love where Alma's people are in bondage and their burdens are made light.  This is so real.  I have experienced this where a trial I am experiencing is lighter than it should be, where the emotional weight no longer controls my life and I can find pure, pure joy in my hardest challenges because of the aid of my Savior.

For our activity we filled T's backpack with some of his heavy books. 

 It was funny watching him trying to carry it around without falling.  

We then went through his load and took out the books one by one.  Each book was sticky-tacked with a different emoticon.  We talked about all of the different ways we might feel down and how we can turn to Christ to help us ease those burdens.  And before you know it--BAM!  The backpack was light as a feather!

Download 😊Emoji😊 printable HERE.

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