Thursday, August 14, 2014

We'll Bring The World His Truth

I had to share...

  I'm so glad my mom finally posted this song to her music blog.  When my little brother left for his mission, she arranged this version of We'll Bring the World His Truth to play at his farewell.

I love what she says as she describes it:
"This piece begins quietly – humbly.  But it soon gains strength and power, much like so many young missionaries out sharing the good news.  Truth has a power all its own.  It wants to be heard.  It wants to be found and that in itself is a beautiful thing."

Click here to navigate to my mom's music page.

Please feel free to download and share her music.  She loves it!

Click HERE to download free sheet music (Piano, Four Hands)
Click HERE to download free sheet music (Cello)

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