Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

*Sigh*  New Year's Eve.
I was standing all alone in the kitchen, peering into the fridge in search of an afternoon snack, and mumbling under my breath, "Another year has come and gone and here I am standing in the exact same spot I was last year wearing my same stupid work clothes and eating another stupid snack!"  I slammed the fridge door, a little perturbed by the lack of fulfilling change in my life, and turned to my fish in the sink window.  "And what about you, Staccato. What have you done with your life this year?  Still sitting in your same stupid spot in the windowsill?!?  Well, congrats to you too."
(Yes, I do verbally abuse my beta fish.  I'm really working on it.  I know it's not healthy)
But then I tilted my head to the side the way a puzzled golden retriever would turn after hearing an unfamiliar whistle and examined my little Staccato fishy.  His year had changed...  He got a new fish bowl. 

I nodded my head to myself and looked around.  My life had adjusted too.  They may be the littlest of details, but they have changed none the less.  I started glancing through our family pictures from 2014 and cheered up.  What wonderful memories we made this year.  I turned my attitude around and quickly apologized to the fish.  Anyone experiencing similar feelings without dramatic changes in their lives over the last 365 days, I suggest sitting down and making a list of the little things that made your year special.  

Here's mine...

We took a trip to the coast.  A couple actually.  We had gone camping with friends and one time found an adorable Air B&B right by the water.  The ocean just does things to your soul.  I love sitting in the sand and soaking up the mystery.

Spent time with the Fam-Bam and friends.  We didn't get to do that much traveling this year but were blessed to have quite a few visitors come to The Dalles.  Lots of trips from my parents, Kenny came for a soccer game with Mitch, Mary came for a job interview, Mo&So, Matt&Keri, Scott&Melissa, Klint&Kim, Adam&Lisa, and Ben&Lydia.  Anyone I'm missing?  Wonderful memories.

A lot of exploring in the gorge.  Mitchell was on a new hike every week it seemed like and we fell more and more in love with the beautiful northwest.

My work got first place in the Cherry Festival Lip Sync Contest.  It was my first year winning and so much fun.

We celebrated the life of my dear, sweet grandma Hutchings.  She was an amazing woman and since she has been gone I have felt closer to her now than ever before.  I think she has been pretty busy this year as my guardian angel.  I've needed the help.

Congrats Mitchell!!!  He finished school and got his degree.  I am so proud of all of his hard work he put into his education and the wonderful man that he is.

Crockett family reunion.  All. of. us.  So many bright and wonderful personalities all rolled into one spot.  This was by far one of the best memories of the year for me.

Mitchell hiked across Oregon.  THIS IS HUGE!!!  I am so proud of my husband for following his dreams.  He trekked the Pacific Crest Trail starting from the California border and finishing in Washington.  I can never fully comprehend the pain and endurance, planning and preparation, or determination and courage it took to accomplish this task.  This man is my hero.

Attended my first college football game.  GO DUCKS.  It was a cold and rainy day, but I came prepared with my six layers of bottoms, six layers of tops, and four pairs of socks.

The hubby got a job.  Again, I am so proud of Mitchell this year and all he accomplished.  He had a big year.  I am so thankful for all his hard work he does for our family.

I have had so much fun writing this year.  It has been the most amazing outlet and has saved me.  I am ridiculously excited to go back to school and get a degree as soon as I can so my words can actually make sense when I write them out.

Thinking back to who I was a year ago, I have realized that I am so much different.  There have been so many experiences that have shaped me into me at this moment and I am so excited to see where I will be a year from now.  Happy New Year everybody!!!

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