Monday, January 12, 2015

Let Your Light So Shine

High fives for awesome mutual activities!  We had a blast with the young women!  The theme for the night was about letting the light of Christ inside of you shine for others to see.

I love this quote by Elaine S. Dalton: "Several weeks ago I stood in the celestial room of the Reno Nevada Temple.  The light streaming into that room was brilliant and was made even more so by the crystal chandelier, which reflected the light on its many carved facets into rainbows of illumination everywhere.  It took my breath away as I realized that the Savior is 'the light and the life of the world,' that it is His light we must hold up and reflect.  We are the tiny crystals that reflect His light, and in order to do that, we must be clean and free from the dust of the word..."

Each girl took a turn standing still outside in the darkness while my hubby ran around them with a lit sparkler to get these pictures.  He ended up doing A LOT of running around.  Thanks sweetie!  You are the best!  Sorry if you're sore now.

Each young woman is so beautiful and their light shines outwardly.  I know it.  I know the people around them recognize that light everyday.  And I encourage us all to seek out that light and let it shine.

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  1. Pretty amazing YW activity- Each one a precious daughter of God! meb


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