Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

This weekend was the funeral of my sweet Aunt Dorothy.  There are no exaggerated words when I tell you she was the most Christlike woman I had ever known.  Not many people on this Earth are given the opportunity to brush shoulders with such a sacred soul, yet I somehow won the lottery and honor of being included in her loving family.
Aunt Dorothy was burdened with overwhelming health challenges since she was young.  She was the definition of enduring to the end.  Although you could sense the pain she was constantly hiding behind her eyes, she would only focus on you and gently hold your hand and look into your heart with a great, beautiful smile.

Sitting silently on the church benches as the funeral service began, my eyes watered as I read the words to the opening hymn of the program, I Know that my Redeemer Lives.  Never in my life had I attended a funeral where my thoughts were constantly drifting towards the Savior.  The speakers shared their stories and words of comfort highlighting the life of charity of my precious aunt.  Everything she did involved loving and caring for others.  She poured out the Light of Christ and dedicated all of her strength and might to Him and His will.
We all knew if anyone in this world was to make it to the highest degree of heaven, Aunt Dorothy would be the first in line (otherwise, the rest of us would all be in a lot of trouble).
I have also never walked out of a funeral with such a strong desire to change.  I wanted what she had.  I wanted to be remembered someday in a way that drew others closer to the Savior.  I needed that light.  And I hoped I could be known as one who consecrated my life to Him the way she had mastered.

I hope we all try a little harder to make Christ the focal point of our lives.  What if we arose each day like Aunt Dorothy and dressed ourselves in that warm, shining light and shared it with every soul we came in contact with?  May we all put in a little more effort.... for her.  I am so grateful for the plan of happiness and knowledge that I will see her again and that this is not the end.  It is only the beginning.  Love you so much Aunt Dorothy.

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  1. What a beautiful and peaceful tribute. I can see the warmth and light in her eyes. My Grandma had those eyes. I never heard her make a cross remark to someone or about someone. She served her family and other daily just like Dorothy. Truly Christlike women. My Grandma has been gone 38 yrs, but her influence still touches me deeply. I promise your Aunt Dorothy will be the same. Though she is gone in body only, her spirit will still be with you and will continue to love and help you. I know this to be true, because I have felt it in my own life. Looking at Dorothy's picture I can tell immediately that I would have been very fortunate to be called her friend.


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