Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby Countdown

We are officially in the double-digits people.

And baby is growing like crazy.  You see that Pilot Butte mound in front of my face?  That's my belly.  Sometimes I pathetically waddle through the house and Mitchell stops what he's doing, looks down at the bell, chuckles to himself, and walks away.  

I'm also starting to have issues with my work outfits too.  Luckily, I wear an apron all day so no one can see my undershirt popping out beneath my buttons.  One of the bussers I work with points out to me every time we work together, 
"Oh Yessica... Mucho, MUCHO gorda Yessica."
Thank you, Lupe.  I love you too.

To keep myself from getting anxious about labor and delivery I've begun compiling a list of different ideas/scenarios to think about during the contractions.  Who knows, I might be in too much pain to actually concentrate on a single thought, but with sports and stuff growing up it was always more a psychological thing than a physical thing for me.

  1.  Imagine you're a war hero P.O.W. being tortured and you won't give up your secrets.  'Merica.
  2.  Imagine eating Pizza Mondo at the beach with a wombat
  3. If you do this, you will win $1,000,000!!
  4. Nine months of pregnancy over!  No more feeling like a whale!
  5. Imagine transferring this pain to someone you really don't like. 
  6. Baby cuddles!  So many cuddles coming up!
  7. Cruciatus curse from Harry Potter.  "CRUCIO!"  ... Get that wand outta ma' face!
  8. One more down, 314 contractions to go (give or take).
  9. Remember that I was once sitting on the bed in my PJs relaxing and writing this list down without any pain or contractions... Be in that moment.
Just to name a few... I have about 100 of these thoughts written down.

Also, I chopped off my hair.  Driving 45 minutes in the car while pregnant with no A.C. makes a person do things.

And lastly, does anyone else who is or has ever been pregnant find themselves with the itching urge to color on their stomachs?  I just can't help myself.  The beautiful, fresh, round canvas claws at my imagination and demands to be heard!

I am so excited for this little guy.  I could go through all the emotions I am constantly experiencing thinking about him coming into our lives, but more than anything there is just this overwhelming feeling of love.  I don't know how God is able to program us like this, where we would automatically do anything for this tiny spirit that we haven't even met yet.  I can not wait to finally meet little Trekker.  It is going to be such an amazing adventure.  Ninety-nine days to go...

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  1. You are so sweet!! This post makes me SOOOO happy!! :) At one point, when I was in labor with Shane and things got really intense (I didn't have an epidural, which I was in no way prepared for), I just cried out, "I can't!" One of the nurses looked into my eyes and said, "Boy or girl?" "Boy." "You're about to meet your son. PUSH!" That snapped me right back into the game. So if that's not already on your list ... those words are magical. You're about to meet your son. (JOYFUL SQUEAL!!)


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