Monday, January 4, 2016

How Can I Participate In The Hastening Of The Lord's Work?

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Our discussion was soOoOo spiritually AWESOME this week.  We talked about what the word HASTEN means and why the Lord's work is accelerating today.  The discussion led to the millennium and the girls realizing how close we really are to the Savior's coming.  For some reason I have always been so sensitive and passionate about dissecting this topic and hearing what the girls and leaders had to say about it just shook my bones with excitement.  I can't wait for the second coming.

This lesson I focused on the suggested video "Our Spiritual Passport"

The girls got tiny passports to write/draw ways they wanted to work on each of the areas mentioned in Elder Packer's talk.  It came with a little photo page on the inside to fill out too just for funsies.

Download Spiritual Passport:

For my challenge this week the girls each took a selfie with a passport in her hand.  I asked them to make it their screen backgrounds on their phones for the week.  It was there to remind them to look for opportunities around them to reach out to others as a missionary.

Yup.  That just happened.

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  1. Love the passport! We had that lesson a few weeks ago and I made them choose a girl in their class who was off the path or needed help staying on it. I had them role play what they would say or do to help her. It's fun how differently the same lesson can be taught by different instructors!


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