Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

I had so much fun with this lesson. It may have been my most favorite one yet! 

Get this week's lesson here.

The topic was introduced with a lively game of Family Feud. There was lots of clapping and "Good answer!" cheering taking place.  Not really.  But that's how I always remembered it when playing the old computer game.  Can't remember the game show host being this good looking though...

Basically I took the answers from the first paragraph of the lesson and google searched the blue number cards to print out and cover the chalkboard.

Afterwards, we read Gary E. Steven's talk "Your Four Minutes" and had a great discussion about how fast time flies and what we need to be doing TODAY to make the most out of everyday.

I ended with a personal story:

We were camping at the Oregon coast and late one night Mitchell and I went to the beach so he could get shipwreck pictures with the dazzling stars.

It took him a while to set up his equipment, so I went off on my own for a walk in the darkness. There was no one else on the beach and all I could see were the stars in the sky.  I fell back in the sand and listened to the soothing ocean creep up and down the shore line.  As I stared at the sky, my soul tugged at the deep questions, "Who am I?", "Where did I come from?", and "Why am I here?"
I felt this overwhelming homesickness for a place far away that I had forgotten. Tears fell off my cheeks and soaked in the sand as the galaxies smiling back at me made me feel so small, like a speck in the universe.  Even though I felt so insignificant, an overpowering love from my Heavenly Father swept over me and I knew I had a purpose and was meant to be here on earth at this time.

I told the girls to ponder to themselves those deep questions about what their purpose was and turned off the lights.  The ceiling glowed with little plastic stars and we sat quietly and listened to the following...

It was such a magical experience for me. I could feel the love our Heavenly Father had for each of these girls and from each of their families.  This song, Lift Your Eyes, is available to download from the LDS youth web page, but I made a version available here with the talk quotes and room at the end so anyone could personalize messages for their YW individually.

So grateful for this gospel.  So gratefully for how this calling has helped my testimony to grow so much!!!

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  1. Oh you... You are so amazing. I was blog stalking and saw this lesson (which I had to miss because I was out of town!!). Um, maybe it was good I was gone. What a wreck I'd have been. I'm so so glad I got to work with you in YW and get to know you and your family. And visit the Fort, too (I was thinking about that camping trip this weekend for some reason). OK, the song edit was incredible. What a gift those girls had with you to look up to as a leader. We miss you but know you will share your great spirit wherever God needs you.


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