Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Today I've been having fun collecting pins for my book inspirations board.

These photos may help better describe what was taking place in my head while writing The Echoing.  Is anyone else like me where you LOVE watching movies based on books so you can yell at the screen, "That's exactly how I pictured this moment!"?

"The town of Stevenson resided on a steep hillside along the Columbia, separating the Oregon and Washington border.  To the south, one could always see the massive flowing river and tree-covered hillsides of the other shore."

"Stevenson's modest population allowed the residents only one high school, small enough to fill the entire student class in seven crinkled yearbook pages.  Though I walked these halls every day, it felt like a distant part of my life.  I had no attachment or welcoming feelings associated with the school doors I entered daily."

SIDENOTES: I don't know how big their yearbooks actually are.  I'm also sure it is a very welcoming school.  Main characters always have to start out with some sort of complex, right?

"Well, if it isn't Rylee Perry!"  He grinned with a half smile... leaning back against a row of paint-chipped, red lockers.

"The overcast of clouds glazed the scenery with a whitish-gray coat.  Even though it was deep cold, the crisp brightness was pleasant.  My lungs welcomed the chilling air, and my eyes watered as the breeze brushed lightly past my face."

"Beck's nose stayed glued to the ground while she roamed back and forth smelling every crack and crevasse that bordered the trail.  Her white tipped tail bounced in the air as she zigzagged through the trees.  She was supposedly a mutt-mix with her short hair sprinkled in every color of spots imaginable, but based on her pattern of sniffing everything in her path, I always suspected a majority of hound in her bloodline."

Sidenote: Becky was my dog from my childhood that we adopted.  I loved her so much!  So, I thought it would only be appropriate to make her a side character in my story.

"Naked trees from fallen leaves reached out toward me with an eerie vibe.  Through the tree lining, I could see a dead, yellow valley of dry grass clumped with wet mud and mossy weeds.  The fog stretched across the field like an ocean of rippling white foam and crept over the roots of the tangled tree trunks..."

"On the dry, grassy field, a tall player jogged to the bench and unbuckled his helmet.  As he effortlessly pulled it off, steam rose from his wet hair as it mixed with the cold autumn weather."

"I leaned against the railing and closed my eyes.  Inhaling the fresh air, I soaked in the surrounding silence.  My mind deflated and aired out everything that had happened around me."

The bright green trees clung to the colossal stone walls.  As we crawled over fallen tree trunks and ducked through the wild vines overhead, I truly appreciated the nature that surrounded me for the first time.

SIDENOTE: This is Oneonta.  This is actually where the book cover setting comes from.  I love this hike so much!  I hate how popular it's getting though and how everyone is discovering it.  I guess adding it to a published book doesn't help much.  Argh!  I've become my own worst enemy.

Let me know what you think!  Do these photos go along with the scenes you imagined while reading?  

And if you haven't read it yet...
Well, um, *cough* click below, new friend.


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