Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Singing Time

I  L-O-V-E-D teaching the young women in my old ward.  It was HANDS DOWN my most favorite church calling of all callings!  I loved those girls so much and they will always have a special place in my heart.

But change is healthy.  Move to a new house = new ward = new calling.  I am SO EXCITED to switch to Primary Chorister.  Do you have ANY IDEA how many hours will be snatched from your life when you search for "Primary Singing Time" on Pinterest?  Don't try it.  It's dangerous.  Deliciously dangerous.

So this is a picture of me taking a selfie with a fish.  Because that's what I do now. 

FIRST WEEK:  The kids went "fishing" when I decorated the piano as my musical pond.  Each fish had a primary song to practice.  When the kids sang really well the fish would "dance in the water" and bubbles would come out from behind the piano.  
*SIDE NOTE: The bubbles might get a bit messy.  Have a towel or something ready to protect the piano keys from getting soapy.

I have a feeling Trekker is going to love this calling too.  Each week I get to come home with new goodies for him to play with.

WEEK TWO:  During the week I called the missionaries and asked if they would help me out with singing time.  I shuffled through my husband's old ties in the closet and picked out a few that he never wore. 

 On Sunday, I snuck the ties to the Elders.  During singing time they came into the primary room and made a bet with the kids.  Not sure if missionaries are allowed to bet...
If the kids really impressed them and sang well enough, the Elders would cut off their ties.  The kids went NUTS!  They absolutely loved it!

LAST WEEK: Obviously, we had to do something Halloween themed.  I took some tape and made a spider web on the ground.  The web was covered with spooky spiders that each had a primary song written on the back.  

After we chose a spider song, the kids would pick a slip of paper out of my pumpkin with a silly way to sing the song.  Sometimes everyone would participate, other times it was just for the person who drew it out of the bucket.

They were all warned that there was one slip of paper with a BLACK SPOT that had something EXTRA EMBARRASSING on it to do!  If a kid picked "the black spot" they could quickly put it back and grab another one before reading it.  But if they were feeling brave they could take it!  They had to commit to taking it before they could read what the action was that they were supposed to do.

Here were the actions:

Before everyone sings, everybody gets a little bit of super special singing spray!  
{Lemonade in a squirt bottle}

Everyone gets to sing this song with their hand on the person's head beside them.

While everyone sings, Sister Blackburn gets to wrap you into a mummy with toilet paper.

Everyone gets to plug their nose while singing and stand on one foot.

You get to wear a wig and sway your head to the music while everyone sings.

Everyone turn to your left.  For the whole song, give the person in front of you a nice back scratch.

Everyone gets to clap to the beat while you sing together.

You get to stand on a chair, put your hands above your head, and yell, "Sister Blackburn is the BEST!"  Oh yeah.  And then sing your song.

Everyone spread out and turn to the wall.  Put your nose to it and sing the entire song to the wall.

You get to dance in the front of the room while we sing.  Everyone gets to copy your dance moves.

You get to be the Primary Chorister!  Everyone gets to watch you lead the song!   Oh.. and you need to wear these goofy wax lips too!

And finally, THE BLACK SPOT CARD: 
What song did you pick?  Great!  You get to go by yourself and find someone in the hallway to sing it to.

The girl who picked the black spot did so great!  She ran to the nursery and sang Book of Mormon Stories to the nursery class. She was definitely braver than I would have been at that age!  High five for the first month of singing time.

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  1. Jessie - I love all of your fun ideas. You are the right person for this calling. By the way, this is Kathy Harvey - your mom’s babysitter and Lisa Hutchings’ aunt. I am
    So glad I found your sight!


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