Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Singing Time

Something I learned this month:
Kazoos + Singing time = Never again

Right now we're working on a Christmas medley.  I decided to liken the medley to banana splits.  Christmas songs by themselves are wonderful ingredients and if the kids went up Christmas Sunday and sang a cute Christmas hymn the parents would smile, feel the spirit, and be spiritually fed and satisfied.  BUT... if we take all those delicious ingredients and put them together we can make something EPIC and everyone will not only be spiritually fed, but their spiritual tummies will be stuffed full of spiritual deliciousness AKA tears are gonna fall out of their FACE!!!

The kids got to come up and take turns picking a cherry that had a song number on the back.  After we sang they would go to the "Spoon-o-meter" and rate how well we knew each song.  Some of the cherries they picked had a sweet treat and I pulled out my can of whipped cream and sprayed it in their mouths for a little extra motivation.  It was a great Sunday!!

This last week we talked about the song "Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus" and threw bean bags at our little Samuel on the chalkboard.  If they hit him, they were able to pick any primary song to sing.  Otherwise, we just worked on our Christmas Medley and sang it in whatever silly way their bean bag selected.  

P.S. For anyone wondering, the King Candy accent is like King Candy on Wreck It Ralph.  It's, like, my family's favorite person to impersonate.  We are weird.  So incredibly, totally weird.

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