Thursday, March 9, 2017

Africa Themed CTR activity

We decided on a "Travel the World" activity to introduce the CTR primary theme for the year. Each room in the church building was a different continent and I was assigned Africa.  My lesson was on the gift of free agency so I decided to approach it with a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Safari.  It was such a blast planning everything out.

HERE is the PDF version of my safari tour guide packets that can be printed from home.

There were lots of different activities inside: games, animal yoga, fighting warthogs, drinking elephant mud water (hogwash)...  SO MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE!!!!

Also I went a little nuts with the decorations.  We put up a tent, had a fake campfire, set up a Photo Booth... 

My excuse: So many snow days.  This was our coldest winter in like 60 years and I spent a lot of time trapped indoors.  This primary activity was the only project available in my snowed-in igloo so I went a little coo-coo. 

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