Saturday, July 21, 2018

Life as a Family of Four

World, meet Skylee, the newest member of our family.  The transition going from one child to two has been quite an adventure.  It still feels a little surreal, but it's becoming more and more natural as the days go by.  I feel a new freshness and energy for life (well, as energetic as you can be recovering from childbirth) and I am so excited for this new chapter.

Here's some happy memories of our first week and a half as a family of four!

July 9th: Let's head to the hospital and get this baby outta here!
"A hairnet?!  Really though?" - Mitchell

First picture of Mommy and Sissy

The hospital stay

I have a cool roommate....

Trekker's first time meeting Sister.  He was so shy when he first walked in the room.  But after receiving a "gift" from her with Lightning McQueen car toys, he totally approved.

For those who don't know the story behind this... This cow slept with me in bed every single night from seven years old to college.

Sweetest Daddy in the world

Summer babies are the best.  I love how they don't have to wear a billion layers to keep warm like a winter baby.

Having my mom help out this week has been AMAZING.  
To all the grandmas out there: You are seriously the best!

Love this guy

Can't get over this kid's smile!

Trekker likes to crawl into Skylee's bed with her now and play.  It just tugs at my heartstrings.

So grateful for my blessings!  I love this family so much.  Here's to more memories and adventures!


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