Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kids, Cabins, and Camping

Camping season embraced us with arms wide open, speckled with mosquito bites and caked dirt beneath its fingernails.  

Five years ago I met Mitchell at Olallie Lake for one of his PTC resupply drop offs and we promised each other that in the future we would bring our family camping here.  So we did!  And it was fantastic!

The lake perfectly frames the reflection of Mt. Jefferson like a classic Bob Ross painting.  It's just heavenly.  The dirt road to get there is so incredibly bumpy that it's never crowded because you have to truly commit to driving there.  

The cozy, little one-room cabins come with a burning stove and mattress bed.  And I get it, without the tent you're only half camping.  But I prefer coziness to bragging rights, so I can still totally live with myself.  

Pack-N-Play was a life saver for Little Miss.  Outside we'd throw a blanket on top to keep the bugs and the sun out and she was totally content playing with her baby toys. 

 Also, can anyone get over the fact that her hair is long enough for low pig tails now??  I am obsessed with the pigs.

Tried to keep our three-year-old as busy as possible with a bunch of activities.  He rocked the nature scavenger hunt like a boss.

Grandma hooked him up with an activity bucket too.  I'm pretty sure he always had something to do.

I did my first pedal boat ride.  Let's go ahead and add that to my resume.

Then, late one night I had a chance to sneak out and sit by myself on the lake dock studying the stars and the moon.  The lake was still.  Just the sound of frogs and crickets were there to serenade me.  I was so grateful for this beautiful world I was a part of.  I so badly wanted to have some sort of profound, spiritual experience, but things like that can't be rushed and I had the babies to get back to. So I just soaked in the peacefulness for a moment and whispered to God, 
"I see you."
"This world is beautiful.  This life is amazing."
"And I see you.  I see you.  I see you."

I think showing gratitude is one of the most powerful things we are capable of.  And I hope the Lord truly knows that I recognize my blessings.

Such a great family getaway.  We can't wait to go again and make it a new family tradition.

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