Thursday, June 20, 2019

CFM: It is Finished

This week we will be reviewing the big events from the life of Christ and singing about them.  I put together a picture timeline and matched each story with a primary song we've been working on throughout the year.  On Sunday I plan to scatter the pictures up on the board and let the kids rearrange them in chronological order.  

If you tie a string across the room, you can hang the pictures with clothes pins or something decorative to give it more of a "timeline" feel.

I left the titles blank so the songs revolving around each story of Christ can be customized to whatever hymn is most meaningful to you.

Download Timeline PDF HERE.

Here's my list of songs I chose for each scene:
Birth - Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
Baptism - Baptism
Apostles fishing - Come Follow Me
Sermon on the Mount - Love One Another
Atonement - Gethsemane
Cross - To Think about Jesus
Resurrected Christ and Mary - I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Christ in the clouds - When He Comes Again

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