Friday, May 4, 2018

Hiking Trail Singing Time

I don't know if it's the primary songs we've been focusing on or the PERFECT spring weather we've started having this week, but I have fallen in love with the outdoors lately and have just been basking in its breathtaking beauty.  It seemed only right to incorporate this amazing feeling into my next singing time lesson.  

I found a huge roll of brown paper in our garage today and used it to draw out a hiking trail map.  It definitely brought me back to my son's Dora the Explorer television days.  On the trail I marked different unique locations that match up with one of our primary songs we're working on.  

Blossom Meadow - I Often Go Walking
Singing Bird Forest - My Heavenly Father Loves Me (first verse)
Creature Summit - All Creatures of our God and King
Butterfly Wings Pass - My Heavenly Father Loves Me (second verse)
End of the Rainbow - When I am Baptized

I plan to stick it to the chalkboard and throw a magnet on the back of our little Hiker Lego.  That way he can move across the map board as we practice each song.

The great thing about this activity is that you can totally customize your map to the songs YOUR PRIMARY is currently working on.  I just lucked out that all our songs right now have to do with nature.  Fist bumps for matching themes!

Also, I have just the thing if you're looking for an awesome, unique arrangement of My Heavenly Father Loves Me.  This is the reason we're also learning All Creatures of our God and King this month.  Hop over to my mom's blog for the free sheet music HERE.  It has a cello solo option and everything.  I can't wait to teach it to the kids!


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