Sunday, April 14, 2019

CFM: O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory?

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones
Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

There are so many great Easter Hymns we never get around to singing.  For my primary singing time activity last year I made little Easter Hymnbooks.  You can click HERE to get to my post with the Hymnbook printable.

Another great family tradition we always do is decorate an Easter tree.  Click HERE to get to my Jesus ornament printables.  

Each picture is accompanied by an Easter quote or scripture that the family can read and discuss together to focus on the Savior.  

Saturday, March 30, 2019

CFM: Thou Art the Christ

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones
Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: This is My Beloved Son

It's just a tiny verse in the scripture reading, but the kids loved the story of finding money in the fish's mouth.

We ended the evening with a go-fishing game!  You could take turns making comments about the lesson as each person catches a fish.

Monday, March 25, 2019

CFM: Be Not Afraid

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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There are so many great scripture stories in this week's lesson.  Sometimes simple is best.  It's nice to just cuddle together on the couch and tell the stories of Jesus.  That's what we did this week.

We talked about when Peter tried to walk on the water.  This is one of my most favorite faith-testing scripture stories of all time.

Everyone munched on bread and fish while we went through the stories of Christ's miracles.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

CFM: Who Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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MATTHEW 13 - As your family members read the Savior's parables, they might enjoy thinking of their own parables that teach the same truths about the kingdom of heaven, using objects of situations that are familiar to them.  

A few weeks ago I shared a family game with cards of objects around the house.  Each person takes a turn picking a card and coming up with a homemade "parable".  Click HERE to download the card printable.

The righteous must grow among the wicked until the end of the world.
This always makes me think of Mormon.  He was just such a cool cat.  He lived in a time when the Nephites were super wicked.  Even though he was alone in his values, he kept the commandments, loved his people, and sprung where he was planted.  Mormon 1:14-17

The Friend magazine has a super cute board game all about loving your neighbor and teaching how we can make good choices when others around us are choosing differently.  Get the board game printable HERE.

No matter what's happening in the world around us, we can always let our light shine.  Click HERE for a special night activity I did back when I worked with the Young Women. 

 This reminds me of the Sleeping at Last lyrics:

Like fireworks
We pull apart the dark
Compete against the stars
With all of our hearts
Till our temporary brilliance turns to ash
We pull apart the darkness while we can

Sunday, March 10, 2019

CFM: These Twelve Jesus Sent Forth

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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My yoke is easy and my burden is light
Mosiah is my favorite book in the Book of Mormon.  I love where Alma's people are in bondage and their burdens are made light.  This is so real.  I have experienced this where a trial I am experiencing is lighter than it should be, where the emotional weight no longer controls my life and I can find pure, pure joy in my hardest challenges because of the aid of my Savior.

For our activity we filled T's backpack with some of his heavy books. 

 It was funny watching him trying to carry it around without falling.  

We then went through his load and took out the books one by one.  Each book was sticky-tacked with a different emoticon.  We talked about all of the different ways we might feel down and how we can turn to Christ to help us ease those burdens.  And before you know it--BAM!  The backpack was light as a feather!

Download 😊Emoji😊 printable HERE.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Beach Babes

This weekend we were able to escape the snow with my in-laws and play at the beach!  It was a perfect break from our winter cabin fever.  

I have the biggest crushes on these two!

Hail, rain, wind, and sunshine.  Packing for the Oregon Coast be like....

Winning at twinning 👯

 Sissy's first handful of sand...
... which we'll continue to see in her diaper for the next few days. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

CFM: Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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I'm cheating a little bit and using the activity from the Come Follow Me-- for Primary

Give each child a paper rain cloud, and ask them to write on it a trial that someone might have.  Put all of the clouds on the board, covering a picture of the Savior.   Invite a child to remove one of the clouds and suggest ways we could help someone with that trial to find peace.  When all the clouds are removed, testify of the Savior's power to calm the storms in our lives.

Download my cloud printable HERE.

It may be fun to make a homemade storm as a family.  Use rain sticks, shakers, snapping, or thunder audio on Youtube for your sound and be creative with flashlights or strobe lights for lightning. ⛈

Sunday, February 17, 2019

CFM: He Taught Them as One Having Authority

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

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I'm gonna be honest here... Oats work better than sand when performing a wise man/foolish man object lesson.  Go with oats.  Tell the children he built his house upon the oats.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

CFM: Blessed Are Ye

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Jesus Christ had come to fulfill the lower law and teach a higher law

I was struggling to come up with a way to teach a three year old about the law of Moses and the law of Christ and how in different times God's children are given different commandments.  And then I was craving Skittles.  And then this happened....

Put a stack of cards on the table with different chores/jobs/rules in your family.  Then place a bowl of candy in the center.  When you flip a card over everyone that that rule applies to gets to take a Skittle.

At the end of the game we can see how even within the family different members have different rules to follow.  The baby doesn't know how to make her bed yet and a toddler is not expected to pay the bills.  As we grow we are given more responsibilities because we are better able to handle them.

Download PDF of the chores cards HERE.  I also included a blank page for adding custom chores and jobs to personalize your family game.

This was a lesson I really needed to hear this week.  After attending the temple, I have been pondering this idea so much lately of why it is that we are given line upon line and why people from the past were given different commandments.

I am just so grateful to know that we are growing and that God continues to parent us and guide us, catering to his children uniquely as a generation and on an individual, personal level as well.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

CFM: Ye Must Be Born Again

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: To Think about Jesus

Heavenly Father shows His love for me through Jesus Christ.
The sacrament provides a time to reflect on the love of God and the gift of His Son.  What hymns help you feel this love?  What could you do to make the sacrament more meaningful?

On Sundays I like to leave the songbook open on my lap after we sing the sacrament hymn.  While the sacrament is being passed I reread the lyrics to help feel the spirit and focus on the Savior.  For the lesson each family member can pick their favorite sacrament hymn to sing.  You can never have too much singing.  

Christ offers me His living water.
As we talked about the woman at the well, we had our son pour everyone a cup of water.  
Oh. Snap.

Nothing makes me more nervous than a toddler pouring a pitcher.  ðŸ˜‚ Don't worry, he only ended up spilling half the container.

John 2-4
As your family reads these chapters this week, pay special attention to how the Savior used everyday things--birth, wind, water, and food--to teach spiritual truths.  What items in your home can you use to teach spiritual truths?

I made a printable card game HERE of different objects in the home.  The family can take turns picking a card and trying to come up with a "spiritual truth" parable.

Closing Song: I Stand All Amazed

Sunday, January 27, 2019

CFM: The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: I Am a Child of God

When Satan tempted Christ to turn a stone to bread, he challenged Christ’s divine identity by saying, “If thou be the Son of God” (Matthew 4:3, italics added). Why does Satan try to make us doubt our divine identities? How does he try to do this? (See also Moses 1:10–23.)

A fun "about me" poster project can help family members reflect on who they are and how they are each unique individual daughters and sons of God.

To prepare for His mission, Jesus went into the wilderness "to be with God".

Our family is BIG-BIGGY-BIG nature enthusiasts.  It's kind of a prerequisite of living in the PNW.  Depending on weather, we may just go out on a nature walk for our activity. 

If the weather is crummy I plan on having this scene playing in the background during our lesson:

It seems to always be in nature where people go for the most spiritual experiences: Christ when He fasted, Nephi, Enos, the brother of Jared, Moses, Joseph Smith.

Have you ever heard of "Earthing"?  Try and touch a piece of nature everyday.  Take your shoes off and lie in the grass.  Being more in touch with mother earth is a wonderful way to draw closer to your Heavenly Father.

When have you felt the Savior calling you to follow Him? How can you show the Lord that you are willing to “[forsake] all” (Luke 5:11) to follow Him?

I once gave a lesson for the Young Women where we discussed the Anti-Nephi-Lehites who covenanted with the Lord and buried their weapons in the earth.  I made them their own swords that they could make a personal promise with God and "bury" their sword.  I love the symbolism of letting go and giving yourself to Christ.

Closing Song: I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me

Sunday, January 20, 2019

CFM: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Opening Song: When I am Baptized

I love camping.  You know what my favorite part of camping is?  Being done camping and taking a shower.  But seriously... I love getting dirty with greasy hair and dirt under my fingernails.  Usually by the last day of the trip I catch myself daydreaming about my long awaited shower.  I think about the warm water and the yummy bottles of shampoo and conditioner waiting for me to come home.  Holy smokes, there's no better feeling in the world.

It's a similar feeling when we experience true repentance, when we are baptized, and when we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  

It seems only appropriate to roast s'mores during our lesson to really comprehend the subject, riiiiiiight?

This is a perfect opportunity for teaching our toddler what it means when we say we are sorry in our home.  It can help him better understand that we don't turn around and make the same bad choice again right away.  When we have a true change in our hearts, then is when we are truly sorry.

If something as permanent as a mountain can be flattened, then surely the Lord can help us straighten our own crooked paths (see Luke 3:4-5).

This boy LoOoOoOoVes play dough.  Here's a great opportunity to practice one's mountain flattening skills.  Which is a really important talent I guess?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

CFM: We Have Found the Messiah

Family lesson ideas while studying with little ones

Download blank CFM weekly program HERE.

Ah, yes.  Pictionary is a perfect go-to lesson time filler activity.  But have you ever experienced FLASHLIGHT Pictionary?  

Step one: Wait until it's dark
Step two: Grab your camera and change the settings for long exposure (make the shutter stay open for 10 seconds or so)
Step three: Take turns with a flashlight painting a picture while the camera records you

I went through the scripture reading and found easy Pictionary words throughout the chapter that each team can guess.

Download Flashlight Pictionary Cards HERE.


Pops got me a super cool moon lamp for Christmas.  We turned off the lights and let Trekker hold the glowing orb.  I tried to explain that the Savior is like the sun and we are like the moon.  Christ is the light and we can reflect His light and share it with others.  I think he was too distracted staring at the lamp to hear what I was saying, but I thought the metaphor was dope.

We then went around and listed different ways that each of us could share our light with others.

Closing Song: This is My Beloved Son

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